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  • gsksm63@yandex.ru
  • +7(927) 712-6008. Злой Максим Васильевич - ВЭД. , +7(918) 342-6321. Белик Павел Николаевич - ВЭД. , +7(985) 228-0052. Енгибарян Зораб Арсенович - ВЭД. , +7(922) 035-5557. Аемов Абдурахмон Юнусович - ВЭД. , +7(922) 110-3559. Отт Татьяна Владимировна - МБО.

International Export Center of the Russian Federation.

Our company offers customers, optimization of costs for their time. We provide a comprehensive solution for Foreign trade Clients from Russia. We carry out a full range of management, control, verification, implementation of foreign trade activities, without risks for Customers.

  • Verification of counterparties (we check the companies of exporters, for debts, lawsuits, solvency, etc.).
  • We provide full support of cargo (to the client's door).
  • We provide survey services.
  • logistics in the Russian Federation.
  • Logistics of Sea freight.
  • Logistics of Container shipments.
  • Handling of cargo in the ports of Novorossiysk, Astrakhan, Azov, Rostov, Makhachkala.
  • Preparation and receipt of Customs declarations.
  • Certification of goods.
  • Preparation, verification, and resolution of international Contracts.
  • We cover all manufacturers in the Russian Federation (factories, enterprises).
  • We have a base of exporters of more than 8000 companies, in different industry areas.
  • We compensate losses from the Government of the Russian Federation on export.
  • We interact with more than 30 global banks around the globe.